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  • focuses on the development of important habits and life skills under the guidance of teaching and professional staff

  • we provide: LVS001

    1. Therapeutic activities art therapy, hippotherapy, music therapy

    2. Circles – skilful hands, arranging, growing, communication through play, gastronomic, table tennis, transport, physical fitness, situational games, self-control, breeding, riding training, sports, football, natural science, climbing, floorball

  • various leisure activities are also included, e.g. sports tournaments, psychosocial games, creation of a school magazine, trips, etc.

  • for clients who have completed compulsory schooling, we provide work training and help them to join the workforce

  • regular community meetings are also part of the education process, together with an assessment of the cliets' behaviour 

LVS003LVS005 LVS009LVS014



Director's Secretariat: 
0902 969 060

Soc. worker: 
0902 969 057 , 0910 660 658

0911 399 053

Outpatient care:
0911 813 437




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