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The following services provided through experts – clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, psychologist for work with family, psychiatrist, therapeutic educator, social educator, social worker:

  • comprehensive diagnosis and rediagnosis of children
  • drawing up individual plans for the development of the child's personality
  • correction of specific learning and behavioural disorders
  • crisis interventions
  • individual and group therapies
  • autogenic training
  • working with the family
  • cooperation with social authorities, courts, special education counselling and others

Each child is assigned a therapist.

Forms of therapy:klinika018

Individual therapy:


  • psychologist - Mgr. Zoltán Szabó PhD, Mgr. Veronika Ábelová, Mgr. Milan Kohút
  • therapeutic - educational therapist  - Mgr. Katarína Skowron
  • social therapist - Mgr. Natália Dobrotková
  • special educator - Mgr. Martina Grmanová
  • social worker - Mgr. Katarína Ulehlová

Group therapy:

  • Training in social skills and communication
  • Prevention of drug and other addictions
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Atretherapy
  • Hippotherapy
  • Family therapy






Director's Secretariat: 
0902 969 060

Soc. worker: 
0902 969 057 , 0910 660 658

0911 399 053

Outpatient care:
0911 813 437




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