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The therapeutic-educational sanatorium is one of the special educational institutions providing psychological and psychotherapeutic care as well as upbringing and education to children and adolescents with developmental learning disabilities, and to children and adolescents with activity and attention disorders for whom outpatient care has not led to correction. The facility specialises in boys aged 11–18 years.

The private medical – educational sanatorium and Primary School at SLVS were established on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic number: CD-2004-9680/18666-1:096 dated 13.10.2004 on inclusion in the network of schools and school facilities as a private school facility.

In 2007, SLVS received the accreditation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Slovak Republic, no. 27727/2007-I/25 AK dated 10.12.2007 for implementing measures for the socio-legal protection of children and social curatorship. SLVS opened the Children's Centre for children with behavioural disorders, and in 2014 expanded its activities and opened a Children's Home with 1 separate group within the framework of deinstitutionalisation.

The therapeutic-educational sanatorium provides:

  1. Placement of a child on the basis of a court decision
  2. The possibility of placing a child in a sanatorium at the request of parents / their representatives / when they detect incipient problems that the family cannot cope with - prevention. / Petty theft, truancy, gang affiliation, incipient drug addiction / The placement of a child in such a case is highly efficient and low cost; if the family starts to tackle the problem at the very start, resocialisation requires a short period of time.
  3. An individual approach and advice to the family. Necessary care for the consolidation of the relationship between the child and the family / if the child has a functional family background
  4. Reduces the child's stay in the facility to a minimum
  5. Individual career guidance through studies to employment and accommodation / in case the boy does not have a functional family background

The programme addresses all cases of children, i.e. not only those who have successfully completed the 9th year of primary school, but also cases of children who have completed primary school in lower grades and are not able or not interested in continuing their studies at secondary school.



Director's Secretariat: 
0902 969 060

Soc. worker: 
0902 969 057 , 0910 660 658

0911 399 053

Outpatient care:
0911 813 437




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