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Dr. Jarmila Argalášová : +421 910 440 440
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P.: director; F.: Private medical-educational sanatorium; AF.: 903 01 Senec, D diaľničná cesta 3; N.: Topoľčany, 11.08.1959; MM.: Nina (1988); V.: 1974–78 Gymn. Topoľčany, 1978-83 PdF Nitra, Slovak language and literature – art education, 1985–89 FiF UK Bratislava, special pedagogy, psychopediatry, 1988 rigorous examination – PdF Nitra, 1990–91 study-work stay in the USA, Starr Commonwealth School (specialised facility for troubled and delinquent children and youth), Albion, Michigan, USA; K.:1984–94 Tomášov Children's educational institute, teacher; 1994–98 Private therapeutic and educational sanatorium of Tomášov, deputy director, 1998–2004 Re-educational children's home and therapeutic-educational sanatorium, Tomášov, therapeutic educator, director, since 2005 Private therapeutic-educational sanatorium of Senec, director; the sanatorium provides therapeutic-educational care to children and adolescents with behavioural disorders (boys' facility), has an individual re-education programme, which includes an analysis of the child's problem, social and medical history, recommends an overall approach to the child and highlights the aspects to be focused on in re-education with an emphasis on positive motivation. The programme includes work with the child's family as an integral part of the programme; a distinctive feature of the facility is the continuation of care for juveniles even when they are integrated into society (psychological, legal, socio-economic counselling); H.: fine arts, garden, horses;



Director's Secretariat: 
0902 969 060

Soc. worker: 
0902 969 057 , 0910 660 658

0911 399 053

Outpatient care:
0911 813 437




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